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If you are considering getting a home energy audit, consider Energy Conservation Solutions (ECS), who are BPI Building Analyst Professionals. ECS is certified to test and check your home to see where it could be more efficient.  We recommend ECS even though we are also BPI Certified Building Analyst because we feel it is important to get an independent third party involved.  These guys do this work everyday and have won numerous awards for being good at it like being Georgia Power's Top Contractors of the Year since 2014!

The end goal in a home energy audit is to save energy and money and to make your home more comfortable. Some areas ECS will identify and make recommendations for homes that are leaking energy include installing energy efficient lighting and appliances and creating sealed barriers around your house to minimize the air leaks. Upgrading your home to become energy efficient can save anywhere from 5% to 30% on your energy bill.

In addition to Home Energy Audits, ECS offers other complimentary services like Spray Foam Insulation, Air Sealing, Ductwork (sealing, re-routing, and/or replacement), Crawl Space Encapsulation, Solar Pool Heating, and DET/BET Code Compliance Testing.  When contacting ECS for their services make sure to reference North Georgia Replacement Windows to receive a special contractor discount.

*Energy Conservation Solutions is an indepently owned and operated business that is not affiliated with North Georgia Replacement Windows.  We simply researched the best and most qualified company to refer customers to for services that we beleive in but no longer offer.  


The Audit

The home energy auditor begins on the outside of the house by looking for problems around the walls, joints, and eaves. If everything is not a tight fit, you are losing money. A big part of the audit is checking the insulation. The insulation needs to be correctly and evenly installed between all areas of the house frame for optimum efficiency.

The next step is checking the holes where the electrical lines pass through. If they are not properly sealed, then they are leaking and losing energy. Likewise, your furnace and water heater should be checked to make sure they are not wasting energy as well. Furnaces tend to lose efficiency as they get older, and it may cost more money to keep your current furnace running rather than to buy a new one. However, sometimes it is just the filter. The auditor will check that for you. Along with furnaces, water heaters may not be as efficient as they get older, and should also be insulated, or they are losing energy.

The auditor will then check the ductwork. The ducts should be a tight fit. If a screwdriver can fit into the hole, there is energy slipping through the cracks.

The next step is the blower door test. All the windows, doors, and anything that lets air in need to closed. A special fan will depressurize the house, and cause all the air to be sucked out of the house, allowing outside air to rush into openings that you were not aware of. With an infrared camera, leaks are easy to spot. 

make your home more energy efficient

The home energy audit is designed to find the places where there is energy escaping from your home. Once these areas are identified, you can work on getting them fixed and start saving energy and money every month! Call North Georgia Replacement Windows today to learn more about home energy audits and find out what we can do to help make your home more energy efficient. 

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