Your home’s front door is more than a statement piece. It also provides security for your family and temperature insulation that saves on heating and cooling costs. But the same is true for doors throughout your home, including patio doors, French doors, and sliding patio doors. Appearance is important, but so is function—and quality design is the key to checking all of these boxes.

Whether your home’s doors are showing the signs of age, wearing out after years of good service or simply weren’t made from quality materials, to begin with, Infinity® from Marvin and other brands offer a wide range of door options to give you exactly the look and performance you want from a door. North Georgia Replacement Windows offers doors from several leading door manufacturers, giving you options as you seek out the perfect fit for your home.

Infinity from Marvin

Infinity from Marvin offers patio doors, sliding glass and French doors built with high-performance glass options and superior craftsmanship. These doors are built with durable Ultrex fiberglass and feature smooth operation combined with a locking foot bolt to enhance security.

Infinity doors offer a clean, modern, and traditional designs that come in a wide range of color options for interior, exterior, sill and weatherstrip finishes.

What Infinity from Marvin, MaxCraft and Other Brands Offer for Residential Doors


As MaxCraft notes, upgrading your front door is one of the highest-value upgrades you can make to your home. That’s why this brand specializes in several lines in high-quality, eye-catching front doors. Its MaxGreen line of doors combines an interior mahogany veneer with a textured fiberglass interior, resulting in a door that offers both strength and style. MaxGreen doors also come with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Clark Hall

Clark Hall is known for its line of wrought iron doors that blend form and function through elegant, durable iron designs. All Clark Hall iron doors feature double pane insulated, tempered glass that makes ironwork visible from the home’s interior, as well as from the street view. Homeowners can also choose privacy glass options. The reinforced steel structure of the doors is extremely durable during dramatic weather changes, making the doors amenable to any geography or climate. The door’s jambs, stiles, rails, and panels are also steel insulated with foam to support your home’s energy efficiency.

Clark Hall doors also come in five different finishes, each of them applied by artisans in Monterrey, Mexico which is much different than the inferior Chinese door finishes. Choose your wrought iron design, your iron’s finish, and you’ll soon have a truly unique front door delivered to your home.


ThermaTru specializes in fiberglass doors that combine the looks of wood and strength of steel. Fiberglass also gives consumers many options when it comes to door designs and architectural styles. Consumers love ThermaTru doors because of their seamless construction, durability, enhanced security, and the ability to fully customize a door that won’t dent, warp or crack over time.

Plus, ThermaTru’s doors offer more than six times the energy efficiency of traditional wood doors, saving homeowners money over the life of the door.


For oversized patio entries, many consumers look to EuroWall bi-folding doors for an elegant, high-quality solution. EuroWall custom makes each door based on the dimensions and needs of the homeowner. Bi-folding doors are available in extruded aluminum and wood with interior veneers. They can be installed in complicated openings where installing a door solution seems difficult, if not impossible.

EuroWall also offers bi-folding doors specially designed to withstand High-Velocity Wind and Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), giving homeowners in hurricane regions peace-of-mind that their glass will be able to withstand high winds, heavy rain and potential debris created by the storm.

In addition to bifolding doors, EuroWall also offer sliding and French doors for consumers seeking a more conventional patio solution.

Whatever kind of door your home needs, North Georgia Replacement Windows offers an abundance of options to ensure you find the perfect fit. Contact us today to learn more about our residential door offerings.