Georgia is one of the only places in the United States where the majority of door sidelights are not either 12 inches or 14 inches wide. Contractors would order their sidelights from a manufacturer and, thus, usually had to work within that manufacturer's standard 12 and 14 inch template. In Georgia, and more specifically metro Atlanta, many of the contractors and builders began to make their own sidelights instead of ordering them from a manufacturer. They made 10 inch door sidelights instead of 12 or 14 inch sidelights, which makes them difficult to replace since many manufacturers do not produce 10 inch door sidelights. Fortunately, North Georgia Replacement Windows has a strong rapport with some of the sidelight manufacturers who do produce 10 inch door sidelights, allowing us to replace the sidelights in Georgia homes that other contractors can't replace.

North Georgia Replacement Windows carries several lines of doors and offers so many options for customization that anybody with any door can benefit from our services, especially those with 10 inch door sidelights. We are also able to take away the sidelights in a door frame and create one double-door with the additional space.

Another problem with 10 inch door sidelights that were originally installed in Georgia homes is that they were made of wood that was not properly sealed and protected. This carelessness led to rotting and deterioration of the wood. North Georgia Replacement Windows is able to replace these wooden 10 inch door sidelights and ensure that wood deterioration is never a problem again.

10 inch door sidelights have become a specialty of North Georgia Replacement Windows, one that many of Georgia's home owners are extremely grateful to have. Give us a call today to learn how you can transform your home's entry door and sidelights.

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