When you invest in high-quality, durable improvements to your home, you and your family enjoy the benefits for years to come. Lasting home improvements like new windows, wooden flooring or upgrading your home’s exterior enhance the appearance and functionality of your living space and often add to the value of a house.

Wooden Floors

Polished hardwood floors lend a timeless appeal to home interiors and unlike carpet, they don’t trap dust. Real wood floors that are polished regularly and well cared for can last longer than 100 years. When the surface of a wooden floor begins to look dull or rough, it’s a relatively simple matter to sand it down and refinish it, giving the floor another lease on life. Avoid laminate or engineered wooden flooring if you want to make a real long-term investment in your home.

Replacement Windows

New windows increase the energy efficiency of your home, help block UV rays that fade your carpets and furniture, and give your house a face-lift. Infinity by Marvin fiberglass windows offer the best of all worlds. They don’t develop rust spots or pits like aluminum frames or warp in the sun like vinyl, and although they provide the classic look of wood, they don’t rot, absorb moisture or weather. Years after installation, Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows look as good as new. Additionally, they come with a lifetime guarantee that passes to the new owners should you decide to sell your house.

New Siding

New brick or stone siding on your home spruces up an old, tired exterior and lasts a lifetime. Like most masonry projects, fitting or building new siding on your house is one of the most lasting home improvements you can make and completely revamps the look of your home, adding curb appeal and value. Furthermore, repainting your home’s exterior every few years becomes a thing of the past.

Increasing the value of your home is only one benefit of lasting home improvements. You and your family can also enjoy the enhanced living environment for years to come. Contact North Georgia Replacement Windows for expert advice on upgrading the windows in your home.